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Ellimac always ensures that all products

it imports or manufactures

comply with European legislation.

Our skin care products are marketed according to

the existing European cosmetic legislation:

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the

European Parliament and of the Council.

All products are assessed by a safety assessor

who certifies their safety.

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All orders are shipped from our

storage facilities in locations

such as Houthalen-Belgium.

We engage in cross-docking to

reduce our ecological footprint.

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Ellimac views corporate responsibility as an integral aspect of its business activities.


Within Ellimac, workplace conditions, the environment and

fair trade are considered essential.


We invest both time and resources to shape our commitment to responsible practices.

This enables us to ensure that our activities

meet strict environmental standards and that natural resources

are used as efficiently as possible.


Respect, integrity and sustainability

are our priorities.

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